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Our Dedicated Team

Rogue Wines » Our Dedicated Team

Email orders to orders@roguewines.com.au or through your friendly rep below.

Vincent Magrath
Commercial Director

A graduate of Dublin City University Business School, Vincent is an accomplished wine sales & marketing professional with 13 years experience in the drinks industry. Having successfully launched the Nespresso brand in Ireland with Nestle, Vincent joined the Pear Tree Wines Group in 2009 heading up sales and marketing for their distribution business in Australia.

Phone: 0425 145 567

Ant Moore
Founder - Wine Maker

I try to make wines that are balanced with refinement and interest. Their complexity is often subtle rather than overt, and they are made with food in mind. When approaching my winemaking, I am very open minded, I listen to others but will often take a path that many would not.

Phone: NZ +64 21 341 392
Phone: Aus 0488 441 392

Matt Farrah
Founder - Sales Manager

I love the wine industry, and I love doing business. Although I own vineyards, and wine production, and wholesale, I have also owned retail liquor, restaurants and grocery outlets. It's my understanding of the relationship between supplier and retailer that I hope adds value to what we do. Call me when you want to buy from the guy at the top of the company.

Phone: +61 403 317 692

Tony Livermore
Account Manager - Brisbane

Contact me for sales service for on & off Premise accounts. My goal is to identify & supply best - fit product outcomes for my Clients regardless of their size. From Wholesalers, to Specialist wine merchants, Restaurants, Licenced Cafe's, Bistro's etc.

Phone: 0488 337 778

Simon Rees
Founder - General Manager

Heading up a great group of positive passionate people is a pleasure. As well as looking after our production in New Zealand, I work with the best brand owners to achieve industry best practice on as many levels as we can. Call me for what ever you need - I’ll find a way.

Phone: 0411 266 911

Katrina Azur

I'm the keeper of the books. Should you require invoices, statements or any other administration/ accounting requirements please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Phone: 1300 471 774

David Curran
National Accounts Manager

I believe a business relationship is best when I have deep understanding of my customer. It’s more than just best prices; it’s doing business efficiently and with enjoyment. And that’s how I love this industry and the people I work with.

Phone: 0432 287 757

Danny Ryan
Victoria Sales

I love Melbourne’s food and wine culture. I love working with passionate purveyors of such. I’d love to help you extend your reach in your trade area.

Phone: 0400 462 209

Mike Johnson
NSW Sales Representative

Over 12 years immersed in the wine and liquor industry on many levels: retail, wholesale, education, educating, Chains, Specialist Bottle Shops, and more. The point is I’m passionate and I love learning. I’m sure I can add value to your business - call me.

Phone: 0412 903 905

Stock Controller

Email here stock and delivery information for each of our 5 warehouses.

David Winmill
ACT Sales Representative

New to the liquor industry and super excited to be here. I’m combining my love of food and wine, with a passion for helping people. I bring experience in sales, and working in bars and restaurants. I can’t wait to be of service.

Phone: 0400 480 305

Brein Svendsen
Victoria Sales Representative

More than a Sales Rep, I aim to add value to all my customers. From identifying opportunities, to helping with social media and a multitude of other facets, I want to help at every level. Please call me if you need this guy.

Phone: 0447 839 559

Louise Ryan
Spirit Sales Specialist

Being able to offer a spirits range that empowers bartenders to have options, and providing support to venues and staff, is what I live for. Cheesy I know, but I love a passionate bartender who from a few words knows the perfect drink to recommend.

Phone: 0433 351 923