Our single malt goes back to the source of what made Irish Whiskey great. This is the whiskey that your great granddaddy drank. Known as “the champagne of whiskey” it is crafted using age-old traditional methods to create a style of whiskey that once ruled the world – we consider these special whiskeys a sort of second coming for Irish single malt.

The maritime climate on the east coast of Ireland provides perfect aging conditions for whiskey. At The Glendalough Distillery we carefully select a small number of these casks that best represent the full, rounded and smooth flavor of an Irish single malt.

The whiskey is then cut to 46% with Wicklow mountain water. Keeping it at or above 46% means we can avoid chill filtering and stay true to a taste and character of whiskey that was sipped a century ago in the heyday of Irish single malt.

Today, there are two types of Irish whiskey in the world. One that’s drank in a rush under neon lights and another for those who know better. Welcome to the latter.

Both of our single malts were, of course, made from 100% malted Irish barley. They then spent their long years in first fill American Bourbon casks, mellowing and deepening flavor.


The thirteen year old is a whole other story. A lucky number for us, a luckier one for Ireland, and the number of another outstanding Irish hero. On this bottle, the eggs in Kevin’s hand get the silver, if you know the story, these symbolise putting in the hard yards. Sure we’ll tell you about that another time.


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