Label Glendalough Mountain Strength Poitín.
Colour Clear.
Nose The first step up in intensity. Oak, berried fruit, gooseberries and blackcurrants are in there. A strong, promising, heady aroma.
Palate Stays smooth given its strength, with a trace of lychees now. The cracked black pepper, dried fruits, toasty oak and barley become more acute adding further depth to the already full flavor profile.

We only add a drop of water off the still to this spirit. With the same depth of flavor of the original,
the strong, flavoursome Mountain Strength builds on the spicy and woody side of the taste profile. Take it with a drop of water for the real authentic feel, neat if you have the bottle, or into cocktails and mixed drinks for an extra kick. Enjoy it for the “real experience” it offers, but be careful with this one.


The Mash We craft Glendalough from an old poitín recipe using malted barley and the almost-lost, Irish sugar beet. The barley is malted to form the basis of our mash. The sugar beet is a traditional Irish “break crop” (to rest soil between grazing herds) and was perfect as a starchy, sugary raw material for poitín making. Although the potato became more famous as a poitín ingredient, when the craft was at its peak malted barley was the main ingredient in the mash. It was made this way for a thousand years before potatoes arrived in Ireland.

Distillation Then we ferment for over 72 hours which gives a higher alcohol percentage and a more robust flavor. On top of that, we take higher cut points off the still that give us “heads” and “tails” that are more in line with a whiskey. These heads and tails are the beginnings of what could be called imperfections either side of the “heart” of the batch. But if you’ve the right man on the still, these cut points can be manipulated with precision to create a more complex taste.

Maturation After this delicate distillation process, it’s matured in Irish oak for up to six months. This allows the spirit to interact with the wood, which mellows and smoothens it, giving it that creamy mouthfeel. It also extracts more flavour from the oak. This time it’s the woodier, vanilla oil and slight touches of caramel tones. And the fact that it’s virgin oak, means that it can add flavour
without imparting color.


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