A new calibre of Irish Whiskey Single grain, double-barrel aged

This whiskey, like Glendalough itself, was born out of a wild Irish streak. The man on our bottle, St Kevin carved out his own path and this whiskey dares to do the same in a world of copycats and same old styles.

There are those who prefer to sip the status quo. Our Double Barrel is not for them. A single grain Irish whiskey to blast the cobwebs off, it’s a new path taken by a new breed.

Glendalough Double Barrel has sucked the marrow out of two casks, Bourbon and Sherry. Both represent a world gone by, from the rolling hills of Bourbon county to the ancient frontier of south west Spain. They each bring their own unique flavor, and character, fastened finally by an independent Irish streak.

Ireland’s mild maritime climate plays its part too. The temperate winds that wash through her valleys give a gentle, sure aging. And our cold, fresh Wicklow mountain water couldn’t be better for cutting cask-strength whiskey.

Best thing to do is draw a bead and gauge it for yourself.


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