Colour The yellow robe with green tints is enlivened by vigorous effervescence. The fine bubbles are quick to rise to a full mousse.
Nose The initial nose is discreet and suggests an intense freshness. This is followed by subtle hints of lemongrass and white flowers, such as honeysuckle or lily of the valley. Little by little, the wine delivers mineral and marine notes, accentuated by white pepper and lemon. Only as it begins to warm up does the wine start to express its sweeter side, infused with notes of vanilla. The nose evokes youth on the brink of adulthood, hinting at the remarkable potential of this already exceedingly graceful wine.
Palate The initial taste instantly suggests a certain tenderness. Its body then asserts extreme delicacy, tenderness and fluidity. Its high-quality acidity enhances the silky texture of the wine, while its effervescence adds an overall sense of roundness. Everything is perfectly ordered and intensely refined, with a light and airy style. The wine has a very long finish (over 10 seconds) and owes its purity to its restraint and lack of sharpness. The delicate astringency of chalk is combined with slight hints of salinity and excellent acidity.


A champagne for those who appreciate fine wines.


Alcohol: 12 %


This cuvée must be served above 10°C, ideally between 10°C and 12°C in very wide flutes. In these conditions, it will satisfy even the most demanding of palates on its own, without any further adornment.



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