Colour The yellow robe with green tints is enlivened by vigorous effervescence. The fine bubbles are quick to rise to a full mousse.
Nose The initial nose has discrete notes of grapefruit, white flowers and crêpes. It is followed by a certain smoky tinge with notes of fresh butter and iodine. As the wine unveils its infinitely elegant character, youthful fragrance is revealed, suggesting real potential.
Palate The initial taste is forthright and the wine’s body is instantly apparent. It is concentrated and dense, and underpinned throughout by an intense acidity for an exceptionally high quality tasting experience. Effervescence and sweetness discretely accompany the wine’s sensory qualities to create a silky texture. The finish is impressively long at more than 12 seconds. There is a hint of salinity as well as chalky minerality.


Vintage 2007, this surprising champagne made solely from Chardonnay Grands Crus from Avize and Cramant unfolds all the nobleness and specificities of Alfred Gratien Champagnes. Taut, silky, long and pure, this ‘chardonnay en champagne’ is seemingly unbeatable.


Alcohol: 12 %


Serve this champagne at 10 to 12°C . This decidedly saline wine is a superb pair for larger shellfish and fish with silky, compact flesh such as lobster, rock lobster, sea bass, turbot and John Dory.



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